ESR VO Introduction

How to join the EGI ESR VO

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To join the ESR VO you will need a personal certificate by your local certificate authority that is recognized by the EGI Grid. A map with information about the regional CA's can be found on the EUGridPMA portal. If your corresponding CA does not issue the certificates to a browser keystore, you need to import it first, before you can register for a VO.

EUGridPMA map


To register, use your EGI recognized certificate to authorize yourself on the following page. After submitting the form on this page, the VO manager will get informed about your request and will contact you thereafter.

Additional information

Server Certificate DN: /O=dutchgrid/O=hosts/ VOMSES entry: "esr" "" "30001" "/O=dutchgrid/O=hosts/" "esr" List of users:

Grid access

Grid training

EGI partners organize many trainig events like user tutorials. Please have a look at the EGI Training marketplace:

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